Friday, 26 December 2014

Right Side Fourth File Rook Opening (by nyanko)

Right Side Fourth File Rook is one of my favorite opening, especially when I was during kyu class and lower-dan.
This opening is very effective against Ranging Rook, especially in the case the opponent moves P4d.
I think this opening is well ofensive and easy to master.
If you have never seen this, I can recommend you for trying this once.

I show the typical opening of Right Side Fourth File Rook.

The opening is, P-7f, P-3d, P-1f, P-4d, S-4h, S-3b, K-6h, R-4b, K-7h, K-6b, P-4f, K-7b, S-4g, K-8b, S-5f, S-7b, R-4h, B-3c, G4i-5h, G4a-5b, P-3f, P-9d, P-9f, G-4c.(the following figure.)
If you are gote, the 3rd move P-1f can be omitted.

 Then, you can choose whether attack soon or strengthen your castle furthermore.

When you select attack soon, you can castle the king in Boat castle(already finished castling). From the position in the previous figure, N-3g, G-5d, N-2e(the following fugure.).

After that, whether opponent Bishop will escape by B-2d or B-2b, you can attack by P-4e.

When you select strengthen your castle furthermore, you can choose as your castle from Left Mino, Silver Crown(Yonenaga king), or Bear-in-the-hole, for your castle.
My favorite castle for Right Side Fourth File Rook was Silver Crown(Yonenaga king), because it's good balance and solid.
You can develop this from the position in the first figure by, P-8f, G-5d, K-8g, L-1b, G-7h, P-6d, K-9h, P-7d, G-8g, G-6c, G-7h, N-7c, G5h-6h, P-8d, N-3c, P-1d.(the following figure)

From this position, you can attack by N-2e and afterthat P-4e, as described earlier.

I showed a part of standard oening of Right Side Fourth File Rook.
If given a chance some day, I will write about this furthermore.
If you're interested in this, please try this opening.^^

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