Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Yoshiharu Habu defended Ouza title

The Ouza title match, which is five match series, had been held by Yoshiharu Habu Ouza and Amahiko Sato 8 Dan from September to yesterday.
Sato 8 Dan has been in a good condition and has a very high winning percentage recently.
When the 3rd game finished, Sato 8 Dan had 2 wins and 1 losses, so he had an advantage.
However, Habu Ouza won the 4th and 5th games in the face of adversity and achieved defense of Ouza title.

I was struck by not only Habu's shogi skill but also his mental strength.
In addition, I was very struck by the Habu's attitude, that is, Habu employed the opening strategy which Sato 8 Dan is very good at and win over 80 percentage against professional players, "Yokofu-tori," at 5th game in spite of the importance of the final game.

In fact, I think Sato has a little advantage on middle of the 5th game, but Habu won at the end.
I think Habu's regal attitude which usually employs the opening strategy which the opponent is good at is one of the best fascination of him.

You can see the kifu on this URL.

The pictuires of the game are shown on this URL.

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Kyoto city (nyanko)

Kyoto is the best sightseeing place according to "TRAVEL+LEISURE ", a journal in US.
You can see the information about Kyoto sightseeing at, for example, Japan Guide.com, http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e2158.html.

(Kinkaku cited from Japan Guide.com)

In fact, I had lived in Kyoto for six years when I was a university student.
Kyoto is comfortable place to live for me, then I can recommend to travel Kyoto.
Some points about Kyoto sightseeing are shown here.

Kyoto had been capital for a long time.
So there are many Japanese heritage, such as temple and shrine. In addition, there are also shopping places near Shijo.


In particular, I recommend to travel in spring and autumn, because cherry blossom in spring and colored leaves in autumn are so beautiful and night lightup is held and opened specially in many temples at the season. This event is so fantastical.
We also will visit Kyoto in November.


There are so many tourists, so you should book the hotel in advance.
When you search the hotel in Kyoto town, hotel apart from center hits occasionally because Kyoto town is broad. Therefore you should take care of the location of hotel.
I think you should not take a bus near Kiyomizudera and Gion on holiday, because traffic jam is so heavy.
Many inhabitant use a bicycle for moving.
I can recommend  to avail rental cycle. That's because main seeing spots in Kyoto are not apart each other and there are few sloping road.
I like to bike on the riverside road of Kamo river.

 (Kamo riverside road)
There is a low "couples sits at equal distances apart" at Kamo river.
This low is often right, so you can check if you will visit near Kamo river.

 (Couples by Kamo river)

Kyoto university is one of famous university in Japan. You can purchase items there, such as pen, cup or towel.
Shogi club in Kyoto university is very high level. I think you can visit and play there if you will contact in advance.

(Kyoto university)

If you visit Kyoto in summer, I can recommend shaved ice (kakigori) in Tsujiri. Tsujiri is famous for Japan tea and I think sweets of this shop is certainly good.

(Kakigori in Tsujiri)

In fact, there are streets where you have a good view of the Kyoto tower in the Kyoto station.

(Kyoto tower seen from Kyoto station building)

There are many other high spots in Kyoto.
I hope you enjoy travelling in Kyoto!

Saturday, 17 October 2015

K system (original tactics)

K system, which is shown in figure. 1, is one tactics in Double Swinging Rook.
This tactics aims to oppress the opponent's pieces, especially Rook, by Silvers and Golds without castling King, like as shown in figure. 2.
This is effective against especially 3rd file Rook.
If you like Defence, I can recommend this tactics.

figure. 1

figure. 2

The opening is P-7f, P-3d, P-6f, P-3e, S-6h, R-3b, P-5f, P-3f, Px3f, Rx3f, S-5g (figure. 3).
P-5f prevent opponent's B-5e and S-5g is a preparation for Silver's moving towards right side.

figure. 3

Then, K-6b, B-7g, S-7b, R-8h, K-7a, S-2h, R-3d, G69-58, R-7d, G-6h (figure. 4).
When the opponent aims Pawn on 7f, you should defence with G-6g. This is because the opponent can exchange his Rook for my Bishop if it were not for Pawn on 7f. The shape G-6g is seemed to be heavy, but stable.

figure. 4

After that, you will aim to oppress the opponent's Rook with double Silvers. For example, after figure. 4, G41-52, P-8f, S-4b, P-8e, R-3d, S-3g, N-3c, S-4f (this position is shown in figure. 1).

Figure. 2 and Figure. 5 are one positions of my real game which is shown below respectively. I succeeded in oppress the opponent's Rook in these positions.

figure. 5

In fact, this tactics is made by me, when I was a junior high school student.
"K" in the tactics name derives from my name, "Kazumasa."
I wrote graduation thesis on this tactics.
Therefore this tactics must be minor and surprise the opponent.

Two sample games are shown below.