Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Central Rook with Left Bear in the hole (by nyanko)

Do you know Central Rook with Left Bear in the hole statics? (figure. 1)

I think this tactics is powerful against Ranging Rook, but be hardly introduced in English.
So I will introduce the basic opening here.

figure. 1 

Central Rook with Left Bear in the hole have catched on with student player in Japan since about a few years ago, and nowadays with even professional shogi players.
In this tactics, the castle is solid so that it's difficult for you to be defeated.

The typical opening move is, P-5f, P-3d, R-5h. (figure. 2)

figure. 2
If the opponent move P-8d, you can play ordinarily with Central Rook.
As described above, Central Rook with Left Bear in the hole is effective against Ranging Rook.

The typical sequence of moves from figure. 2 is, R-3b, P-5e, G-4b, P-7f, P-3e, R-5f, R-3d, B-7c, G4a-5b, K-6h(fugure. 3).
As named "Left", this tactics castle the king left side despite the Central Rook.
This is because it's easy to enclose the king in Bear in the hole, though Static Rook Bear-in-the-hole is sometimes attacked before finishing castle and be difficult to complete enclosing.

figure. 3
From figure. 3, the example of opening is, K-6b, K-7h, K-7b, K-8h, P-4d, L-9h, S-4c, K-9i, K-8b, S-8h, S-7b, R-2f, P-2d, R-5f, P-9d, G4i-5i, P-9e, S-4h, P-1d, S-5g, B-1c, G-7i, P-2e, S-6f, N-3c, G5i-6i, P-6d, G6i-7i, G-6c, P-1f, P-7d(fugure. 4, same as fugure. 1).
If the opponent will attack, for example P-3f, you should respond so as to work major pieces well.

figure. 4

After figure. 4, you will aim major pieces exchange, for example N-1g, N-7c, Nx2e, Nx2e, R-2f.

I will add detail at a later date.

Monday, 29 December 2014

Instruction by the professional shogi player (by nyantaro)

In events of shogi,instructions by professional shogi player is held.
I was taught several games by a few of professional shogi player this year.
I introduce two instructions.

1.Toshiyuki Moriuchi 9-dan  September 14th.

I prayed shogi with a handicap.(Moriuchi 9-dan doesn't  use Rook,Bishop,Knight and Lance.)
I was taught shogi an end game selectively.
The instruction cantent was difficult. But, Moriuchi 9-dan taught me studiosly.
Another persons who were taught shogi went back home already. So I was alone.

2.Yaichio ono 7-dan  Desember 7th.

I prayed shogi with a handicap in International Shogi Forum in Shizuoka.
(Ono 7-dan doesn't  use Rook,Bishop,Knight and Lance.)
The advice that I received from Ono 7-dan is three points of follows.

(1) It is important to find a piece(pieces) defending of the opponent King.
(2) It is important to attack or to move the piece(pieces) defending of the opponent King.
(3) You make a judgment on attack or defense in the state of a game.

Ono 7-dan taught me various situation logically in a game.
It is important to play shogi by intuition. But, I thought that it is helpful to be taught shogi logically.

I want to study shogi from now on while always keeping three points of the above in mind.

Friday, 26 December 2014

Right Side Fourth File Rook Opening (by nyanko)

Right Side Fourth File Rook is one of my favorite opening, especially when I was during kyu class and lower-dan.
This opening is very effective against Ranging Rook, especially in the case the opponent moves P4d.
I think this opening is well ofensive and easy to master.
If you have never seen this, I can recommend you for trying this once.

I show the typical opening of Right Side Fourth File Rook.

The opening is, P-7f, P-3d, P-1f, P-4d, S-4h, S-3b, K-6h, R-4b, K-7h, K-6b, P-4f, K-7b, S-4g, K-8b, S-5f, S-7b, R-4h, B-3c, G4i-5h, G4a-5b, P-3f, P-9d, P-9f, G-4c.(the following figure.)
If you are gote, the 3rd move P-1f can be omitted.

 Then, you can choose whether attack soon or strengthen your castle furthermore.

When you select attack soon, you can castle the king in Boat castle(already finished castling). From the position in the previous figure, N-3g, G-5d, N-2e(the following fugure.).

After that, whether opponent Bishop will escape by B-2d or B-2b, you can attack by P-4e.

When you select strengthen your castle furthermore, you can choose as your castle from Left Mino, Silver Crown(Yonenaga king), or Bear-in-the-hole, for your castle.
My favorite castle for Right Side Fourth File Rook was Silver Crown(Yonenaga king), because it's good balance and solid.
You can develop this from the position in the first figure by, P-8f, G-5d, K-8g, L-1b, G-7h, P-6d, K-9h, P-7d, G-8g, G-6c, G-7h, N-7c, G5h-6h, P-8d, N-3c, P-1d.(the following figure)

From this position, you can attack by N-2e and afterthat P-4e, as described earlier.

I showed a part of standard oening of Right Side Fourth File Rook.
If given a chance some day, I will write about this furthermore.
If you're interested in this, please try this opening.^^

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Move for both attack and defense (by nyanko)

Merry Christmas!
How do you spend your Christmas?

In Japan, there are many Christmas lights in town, many people have a cake, many couples go on a date.
(This picture is taken in my town.)

Move for both attack and defense is important, because it's very effective.
To play better, it's nessercery to be able to this move.
Move for both attack and defense is often done by rook or bishop.

The following picture is my game (This picture is created by using software "Kifu for Windows" made by Y. Kakinoki).
I was bad position, because N5g is very severe for me.
In this position, what move do you do?
I moved for attack and defense, in order to persist.

I moved B*8d(in fact, B*2f because I was gote).
This move aims both B5a+(attack) and Bx5g(defense).
If the opponent will defense for B5a+, for example S*5b, I will Bx5g, then, R+6i, N*6d. Therefore my castle will become safe.
After B*8d, the real game developed as Nx4i+, B5a+, K3b, B+4a, K3c, Gx4i, Gx4i.(picture below).

From the position in the following picture, I mated.
Can you find?
The first move is important.

Monday, 22 December 2014

International Shogi Forum in Shizuoka by nyantaro

  It was held International Shogi Forum in Shizuoka in December 6th and 7th.
I was impressed by Mount Fuji which I saw from a meeting place.
(Mt.Fuji is World heritage.)
In the meeting place, an international shogi tournament was performed.

 There are a number of events ,the chess match between the Shogi Meijin,Yoshiharu Habu and the Grand Master of chess,Peter Heine Nielsen,leading shogi with Professional Shogi Player at cetera.

The beginning,I watched shogi tournament only.But When I look around the meeting place,there is the shogi-board which players do not use.
Therefore,I played shogi several times with players.
I was very glad that players said OK to an offer of the play cheerfully.

In leading shogi with Professional Shogi Player,I was taught shogi with Yaichio Ono ,7-dan.
I was impressed that he told me advice.I want to write it  in a diffrent topic in detail.

The chess match between the Shogi Meijin,Yoshiharu Habu and the Grand Master of chess,Peter Heine Nielsen is main event.The result was draw.


An international shogi tournament'champion was primary school child in Japan.
I felt that participants like shogi very much.For these 2 day,it was very fun.
I want to go for an event of such international shogi again!

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Shutout strategy (by nyanko)

I felt many European shogi players are offensive in shogi.
Therefore, I write about shutout strategy, which is a some advanced way for winning the game.
I think if you come to be able to implement shutout, your shogi level will make remarkably progress.
Shutout game is achieved by defending comprehensively and capturing opponent piece.

As an example, A game which I played with a player who joined International Shogi Forum in Shizuoka is introduced.
(nyanko play at lower left in this picture)

Opening strategy of this game is Fourth File Rook VS quick attack.
In this picture, the last move is 5f-N, aiming 4h and 6h, good move.
If I make a mistake in defense, my mino-castle will be demolished soon. I felt I was a little worse positon.
From this position, I began to defend intently.

I played +R7f. Then, +L4h, +R6f, +L5i, Gx5i, P*7g, R+5f, Px7h+, Px1e, R+8i, S*4h (next picture).
S*4h made my castle solid, so I managed to prevent my castle from being demolished.

Furthermore I defended comprehensively, therefore I successed in shutout oponent's attack(next picture).
Opponent Piece in hand and efficient attack exhausted.

Defense is nessesery for being very careful.
I think the hang for shutout is thinking the next attack of opponent and preventing it, and put your piece in own camp.

From this position, I mated.
Can you find?

*I'm very sorry, a severe mistake was taken in the position which I posted at first(P6e).
I made a modification.(24/12/2014)

Saturday, 20 December 2014

First post by nyanko

Welcome to this blog!

My name is nyanko.
My wife (nyantaro) and I started blog.
I will write diary about shogi and life in Japan, for people who interested in shogi all around the world.
My English is not perfect, but I hope it will become better through writing this blog.
If you have anything which you want to read about shogi, please tell us.

I belonged shogi club when I was student.
I studied shogi by replaying the professional game mainly, and became amateur 5-dan.

Recently, I have joined championship in Europe several times.
My most memorable position at Poland.
The last move is P-4h+.
Can you find the next best move?

Welcome to this page!(by nyantaro)

Nice to meet you!

We are husband and wife. We like shogi very much.

Husband (nyanko) is armature 5-dan in 81dojo.

I (nyantaro) am intermediate kyu-class. I started shogi 2 years ago.

I am studying shogi now.

We write something about shogi.

I hope you will take good care of this.