Saturday, 3 December 2016

Not defend Bishop's head

In Swinging Rook, it is ordinary that you will defend Bishop's head by B-7g in figure. 1.
However, there is an interesting strategy that you don't move B-7g but K-3g (figure. 2).

figure. 1

figure. 2

When the opponent moves P-8f, you can cope with by Px8f, Rx8f, Bx7g (figure. 3).

figure. 3

If  the opponent moves R-8b, you will form like as P*8f, K-4b, S-6g, K-3b, R-8h, G6a-5b, P-8e (figure. 4).
After that you can attack on 8th-line.

figure. 4

In the other hand, if the opponent moves Rx7f in figure. 3, you can attack like as S-6g, R-7d, R-8h, P*8d, P:8b (figure. 5).

figure. 5

I think this technique is interesting and has a surprising effect.