Saturday, 16 April 2016

Kamaitachi tactics

Figure. 1 shows "Kamaitachi" tactics.
This is a tactics against Swinging rook made by Eishun Suzuki, who is an amateur player.
Two Silver oppress the opponent's formation.
Kamaitachi is originally a name of a Japanese monster or phenomenon which cut sharply without giving pain by a wind.

Figure. 1

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Computer defeated Go top player

Go is one of the strategy board game, just like shogi.

Go is said to be more complicated (the number of move is much more) than shogi.
Therefore, it has been said that computer couldn't defeat human champion for a while (future than shogi).
However, Go AI (Artificial Intelligence) "Alpha Go" made by Google defeated Korean top player Lee Sedol on March this year, and many people were surprised because it was so early than expected.
"Alpha Go" succeeded to become strong so fast by "deep learning", machine learning with playing so many game among itself in network.
 The paper was published in nature.

Chinese champion Ke Jie commented he will not be defeated by computer.
The next match attracts attention.
And Shogi match of Yamasaki 8 Dan versus computer software "ponanza" will be held next week, this also attracts attention.