Saturday, 27 June 2015

Australia trip (nyanko)

I travelled to Australia twice when I was an university student.
The first is with my family, and the second is my first solo travel abroad.
I felt Australia is a safety and good place.

                         Opera house (Sydney)                Flinders Street station (Melbourne)

In the first trip, we went sightseeing to Brisbane and Sydney, and saw unique animals.
I was surprised at temporary high temperature, 42 degrees at C.

Gold Coast


There are no casino in Japan, so I went to see it. Japanese often look younger than one is and I was checked of my age when I entered (I showed my passport).


In the second time, I visited Sydney and Melbourne.
I stayed at dormitory.
Dormitory stay brings us to communicate with roommates and it's funny. I played billiard with roommates.

I felt Melbourne city is kind for travellers.
The staff of information centre is friendly and there are tours at no fee by volunteer.
I joined the tour for Japanese. The tour took us to the place unlisted in guidebook and it was very interesting.

                          Information centre                                    Volunteer tour

                              Good view toilet                                         Bank

Furthermore, the Melbourne city tramcar is for free!

The lighting-up is very beautiful.

In Australia, there are many sight to be seen and it's be easy to trip because she is English-speaking countries and people are friendly.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Subway Rook (nyanko)

Subway rook, shown in figure. 1, is strategy for attacking edge intensively by Pawn, Lance, Knight, Bishop, Rook.
This is relatively minor, but effective against Mino or Anaguma castle.

figure. 1

The name "subway" derives from the move of Rook from 2i to 9i is just like a railway in underground.

The moving sequence for piece building of Subway Rook is shown below, which is my actual game below. Halfway figures to figure. 1 is also shown.
In this game, the Subway Rook worked well and the opponent became less able to defend against my burst through of edge because my Rook and Bishop reached 9c. Therefore he resigned in Middlegame.


Sunday, 14 June 2015

Won first prize in shogi tournament 2 (nyanko)

This post is the rest of the post "Won first prize in shogi tournament".

Figure. 1 is one position of this day's game.
My pieces are oppressed and in very bad position.

figure. 1

I became discouraged, but managed to continue the attack, not letting it run out (the real game oroceeded P-5c+, Px5c, P*5f, G-5d, N*5e...).
When you are in bad position in shogi, by doing your best patiently you occasionally have a chance because it's difficult for the opponent to play with no mistake at all.
I had a chance in figure. 2, what do you move in this position?

figure. 2

I moved Bx4d.
After that, +Bx4d, G*4c, +Bx4c, Sx4c (figure 3).
In figure. 3, my attacking piece work well (my Rook came to be able to take Rx4e) and the opponent's castle is broken. I succeeded to turn around and pulled off a victory.

figure. 3

Figure. 4 is the end position of another game.
I mated the opponent's king.
Can you mate the king?

figure. 4

The entire kifu of this game is following. This is my best game in this day.
The answer of mating is included here.



Saturday, 13 June 2015

Won first prize in shogi tournament (nyanko)

I won first prize in shogi tournament of Omiya shogi centre the other day.

In many games, I had a bad position.
But it is necessary to play perseveringly and get results in that bad situation in order to achieve good results. I think this is common in daily life.

figure. 1 tournament table of best 16 (actually, 32 players attended)

Figure. 2 is one position of this day's game.
I was on defencive until this position and the opponent moved R-6e+, fork on Rook and Bishop.
What do you move in the position?

figure. 2

In this position, my own castle is still solid, so it's chance to go on the offencive, without escaping Rook or Bishop.
Therefore, B*3a is technique.
And the game proceeded Gx3a, Bx3a+, Kx3a, R-5a+, S*4a, G*4b (figure. 3).
The opponent's castle becomed thin and I fulfilled the attack after this.

figure. 3