Friday, 31 July 2015

Select interposing piece (nyanko)

It is said that one of the greatest characteristic of shogi is you can drop the piece which you took.
It is necessary to select interposing piece accurately for increasing win ratio.

What do you respond the Check R*5h in figure. 1?

figure. 1

If you move S*4h or B:4h, then G*2h, K-4i (if Kx2h, you are mated by Rx4h+, G*3h, S*3i), Rx6h+ (figure. 2).
In figure. 2, my King are Brinkmake (you can't prevent both mate G*5h and G*3h simultaneously).

figure. 2

So R*4h is accurate interposing piece in figure. 1 (figure. 3).
By interpose Rook (R4h instead of S4h in figure. 2), you become to be able to take Rx4h if the game will proceed just like figure. 2.

figure. 3

From figure. 3 the real game proceeded as Gx2h, K-4i, Rx4h+, Kx4h, R*3h, K-5g, G*6f, Kx6f, +R-6h, P*6g (figure. 4).
I succeeded to stop the opponent's attack. After that I counterattacked and won.

figure. 4

The entire Kifu is following. In fact, I failed piece-building in opening, then the opponent attacked and I maneged to defended.

Monday, 27 July 2015

Yamato Minzoku Park (nyanko)

Last weekend is a three-day weekend in Japan.
I went to Yamato Minzoku Park with my family ("Yamato" is old name for Nara, and "Minsoku" means race).

In this park, many old Japanese folk houses which was built a couple of hundreds years ago is shown.
So you can experience as you were in "Edo" period.

You can see more pictures at

Besides old houses, there are museum, field of flowers, and so on.
This park is located in between Nara park and Horyu-ji.

Friday, 17 July 2015

Today's game (nyanko)

Figure. 1 is one position in my today's game.
I was attacked in 6th line.
What do you move in this position?

figure. 1

I moved B-7g, +R-7i, Sx4e, quietly (figure. 2).

figure. 2

Instead Sx4e, if Gx6f, then Bx6e, Bx6e, +Rx7c, my Dragon was taken.
If the opponent will Lx6g+ in figure. 2, Bx2b, Kx2b, +Rx7i.

The real game proceeded K*6e, Sx3d, Kx7g+, K*3e, Lx6g+, P-6b+, B-6f (figure. 3).
I attacked towards the opponent's king while the opponent takes my Bishop and Gold in left side, as proverb says "In the endgame speed is more important than material."

Can you mate the opponent's king in figure. 3?

figure. 3