Saturday, 27 July 2019

Yesterday's game

I missed Tsumi at this position.😂
Can you mate in 30 seconds?

Friday, 21 December 2018

Event of Shogi pieces at Tokyo and game played there

There are some shogi event in Japan. I visited Shogi pieces event at Tokyo, we could see and purchase shogi pieces made in Tendo city.

There were a space for playing shogi with other customers and shogi players of Tendo branch. I played 2 game and won both game.

The following is one position of the games.

At this position, +Bx75 is just right for attack and defence because this movement is Tsumero by N*74 and my King become to be able to escape to 76.
After that, I mated at the following position and won.

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Piyo Shogi; an interesting free shogi app and it can analyze your game

Piyo Shogi is one of my favorite shogi app.


You can play shogi with Piyo (bird in Japanese) of various level, from 15 kyu to 5 Dan.
The Piyo of 5 Dan is strong and funny.
You can start game by selecting "対局開始."

After the game, you can see analysis of kifu by this app by selecting "解析開始" at this screen.

You can see the analysis result like following.

What is better, you can analyse your game by inputting the ".kif" file or entering the movement at player vs player mode. You can see the result by selecting "棋譜解析" after pushing "メニュー" button.
It's helpful for improvement of your shogi skill.

Further more, you can also analyse the kifu of Shogi Wars by selecting "ウォーズ棋譜検索" at first screen and entering your ID of Shogi Wars.

You can download Piyo Shogi here.
(App Store)

I hope you have a enjoyable time by playing Piyo Shogi!

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Prefectural elimination tournaments of amature Meijin championship

I participated Prefectural elimination tournaments of armature Meijin championship last weekend.
There are strong players in Saitama prefecture.

This is my first game (I'm sente).
The strategy of gote have been often seen recently.
Against that, my S-56 is challenging movement. Usually, sente moves R-78 in spite of S-56.

After that, the game proceeded to mutual attacking with P-75, P-65, Bx77+, Kx77, S-53, Px75, P-86....
At final, I was defeated.
After all, S-56 may be risky... I will consult again.

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Final game of Kitaurawa shogi salon tournament

In the Final game, I played with 1 Dan player, and I had Rook and Lance handicap (figure. 1).

figure. 1

In Rook handicap game, Right-hand 4th-file Rook is joseki like as figure. 2.

figure. 2

In the middle game, I put Bishop as figure. 3 and aimed to oppress the opponent's pieces with promoted Bishop.

figure. 3
After that, I made some Tokins and attacked with them (figure. 4).
The attack by tokin is very strong.

figure. 4
I got some materials including Rook and mated the opponent's King like as figure. 5.

figure. 5

The full kifu is following.

Friday, 4 August 2017

Semi-final game of Kitaurawa shogi salon tournament

I dopted Raniging Rook with Anaguma at Semi-final game because Anaguma is in good condition this day.
In slow game, forming G-63, P-64, P-74 like figure. 1 is popular. This aims head attack.

figure. 1

I put Rook in 72 and attacked 7th file as shown in figure. 2.
Actually, this aims also Rx25 after Rx75.

figure. 2

After figure. 3, the game proceed as Px75, Rx75, P-65, P*76, Rx46, Px77+, Gx77 (figure. 3).

figure. 3

In figure. 3, Rx77+, Gx77, P*76 (figure. 4) is strict because the opponent's Gold can't escape due to Bishop diagnoal..
Attacking blocking piece by Pawn is good and strong movement.

figure. 4

My Anaguma castle is still solid, so I could concentrat on attacking.
After figure. 4, S-78, Px77+, Sx77, G*67, P*78, Bx77+, Px77, N*85 (figure. 5), the opponent resigned at this position. It is difficult for the opponent to defend.

figure. 5
The full kifu is the following.


Thursday, 3 August 2017

4th game of Kitaurawa shogi salon tournament

Some shogi players might like Ranging Rook, but not like Double Ranging Rook.
I recommend the strategy that changing formation from Ranging Rook to Static Rook as soon as the opponent forms ranging Rook as shown in figure. 1.
I adopted the strategy at 4th game of the tournament.

figure. 1

I think castling King in Anaguma is strong strategy like as figure. 2.

figure. 2

The opponent started to attack in figure. 3.

figure. 3

In this position, P-55, Sx55, Px45, P-65, P*54 (figure. 4, I show the number on board), is a technique of defence.

figure. 4

And I aimed for attacking 4th file by Rook like as figure. 5.

figure. 5

Figure. 6 is the position of endgame. What do you move in this position?
The key point is speed calculation.

figure. 6

Lx48+ at figure. 6 is not good attack, it's because the opponent's castle become solid by Sx48 next.
So P*56 is strong candidate of next move.
However, meanwhile, the opponent's attack by Tokin is strict.
Then, it is important to read how many moves does it takes until mate of both your King and the opponent's King at endgame.
I read that it takes 4 attack moves to mate the opponent's King with starting from P*56, and Px57+, +Px48, B*39.
Meanwhile, it takes also 4 attack moves to mate my King with starting from +P-53, and +Px42, +P31, +P21.
And the position of figure. 6 was my turn, so I judged my attack was faster than opponent's attack and moved P*56 in actual (figure. 7).
If not, I had to defend the opponent's attack.

figure. 7

The game proceeded with Bx42+, Kx42, Gx42, P-43+, Px57+, +Px42 (figure. 8).

figure. 8
In the position of figure. 8, my castle is so-called "Z", it means "not mated absolutely."
So I could concentrated on attacking, without worrying about my King. This is merit of Anaguma.
I moved B*39 (figure. 9), this is a decisive movement (if the opponent takes Bishop by King or Gold, it mates) and I won.
figure. 9

The full kifu is following.