Thursday, 22 September 2016

ESC/WOSC Diary (4)

The main event ESC/WOSC was held from second day to fourth.
We played nine games in all, about three games per day, the thinking time was 45 minutes and 40 seconds byo-yomi. The thinking time was long, so I enjoyed reading more than usual.
We check the opponent and the seat number.

In first game, I played with Japanese player.
The game was drawn by repetition of moves in the middle game. Both I and the opponent didn't have a confidence at that position.
At rematch game, I was bad position in middle game and my attack was insufficient, then I lost.

In second game, I played with Norwegian player.
The form was 4th-file Rook versus Right-hand 4th-file Rook.

After this position, I moved Rx6e, Px6e, Bx9a+ and my piece performed sabaki.
After that, I pull Dragon and was able to win stably. We took a picture of the end position.

In third game, I played with Russian player.
The opponent took a mistake at Opening, then I won.

In 4th game, I played with Germany player.
This game was very heated at endgame battle, but I took a mistake and was defeated. Ishikawa professional 7 Dan player and some players also joined in the postgame analysis and we enjoyed it. (I don't have the kifu of this game unfortunately)

In 5th game, I played with Berarusian player.
The opponent's attack was effective and I was a little bad position at opening. However, after I castled my king in Anaguma and attacked forcibily, the opponent took a mistake and I won.

In 6th game, I played with another Germany player.
The opponent's attack was severe, and I defended earnestly.
In the position of below figure, P*6f was also sever. If I took this, +Bx5h, Gx5h, S*3i.

I moved R*6c, and the game proceeded as G4a-5b, R-6a+, G5b-5a, +Rx6f (figure below). I tried to survive even after that.

However, the opponent had a chance at the position below.

I was worried about the move of putting Rook again as Rx8b+, +Px8b, R*8i without Silver escaping.
However, the opponent moved not R*8i but Sx4i, so I succeeded to defend through. I think R*8i not Sx4i was easy to become a blind spot.
At last, I mated the opponent's king at the following position. Can you mate?

The entire kifu was shown below (Maybe only PC can see).

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

ESC/WOSC Diary (3)

After team tournament, the welcome reception was held. By this time, many players arrived at the venue from many countries and I was happy with seeing my friends again after long time.
Aono professional 9-Dan player and others talked opening remarks.
Since I'm Japanese, it was interesting for me to listen the greeting both in Japanese and English.

We went to super market near the venue for buying a drink.
I like the habit of greeting at the super market in Europe. In Japan, we don't that (T_T).

We had sushi at evening meal at the venue.
In fact, sushi outside of Japan is some different taste from that inside of Japan.
But sushi in Netherlands was so good!

Blitz tournament was held at night on the first day. The thinking time is eight minute and no byo-yomi. Eight minutes for thinking was short and I lost some games because of time-up (^^;;). No byo-yomi game is difficult. I wonder it is effective to castle King in Anaguma and attack for this game...

We were supposed to play eight games, but it was so late at night and we played only six games in order to catch the last train.
I enjoyed playing many games on this day.

Saturday, 10 September 2016

ESC/WOSC Diary (2)

The first event in ESC/WOSC is team tournament.
One team is composed of three members, and participants found their team mates at the day.

I teamed up with one Japanese and one Chinese. I was supposed to play as a captain of team.
In team tournament, we played 4 games.

I played the first game with Swedish player.
I could defend as below figure and win.
My team mates also won, so we won as team.

In second game, I played with Japanese player.
I failed in the opening and was oppressed. Though I attacked forcibly, I was defeated.
However, my team mates won and we won by 2 - 1 as team.

In third game, I played with Grandmaster of chess.
I think he is very strong in ending of game, but I achieved a strategic advantage in opening and I could win without exhibiting his force.
Our team also won.

In fourth game, I played with Germany player.
I got a good position in the middle game, but I took a mistake in endgame and lost. I was impressed with his strength in endgame.
Our team mates also lost.

The total score of our team was 3 win and 1 loose.
Top three team was to get a prize, so I thought perhaps we got a prize.
But we couldn't get it because maybe we were short of the number of win as individual.
I was surprised at the fact two teams of Belarus got a prize!

Thursday, 8 September 2016

ESC/WOSC Diary (1)

Europe Shogi Championship (ESC) and World Open Shogi Championship (WOSC) was held at Amstelveen in Netherlands this year, and I took part in  last month. I will write the diary in several posts.

The venue was European Go Culture Center.
I stayed at hotel near here. Some participants also stayed at same hotel.
There are many canals in Amsterdam and Amstelveen, they were good views.

I traveled to some counties in Europe for 2 weeks and I arrived at Netherlands the day before.

I tried to minimize my baggage for trip. The all baggage is shown in below picture.
It was not necessary for me to make it check in when I board an airplane, so I didn't need to worried about lost baggage. It's good for mental health.

Saturday, 3 September 2016

The youngest professional shogi player ever appeared (only 14 years old)!

Sota Fuji became the youngest professional shogi player ever (only 14 years old)! This is a big news for shogi fans in Japan.
Once he won the first prize in tsume-shogi championship at only 12 years old though professional players also participated, and be said to be so genius!!
Many shogi fans must be looking forward to his activeness.