Saturday, 28 February 2015

Title match (by nyantaro)

 There are seven title match (Ryuou title match, Meijin title match, Oui title match, Ouza title match, Kiou title match, Oushou title match, Kisei title match ).
 Several events are held in place of a title match.

 I went to the event of Kiou title match (Watanabe Kiou vs Habu Meijin) in February 11.

 The place was a hotel with the Japanese garden.

 The place is near the Tokyo (Tochigi Prefecture:It is 50 minutes by Shinkansen from Tokyo), so there were a lot of people in place.
In this place, several events were held, many people enjoyed.

 Tournament of Animal Shogi.
All the participants were earnest.

 Large board commentary.

 As a result, Watanabe Kiou won this game.
 I enjoyed several events.
I was the best gladdest that I bougtht the book of "Japanese-English SHOGI Dictionary".

Friday, 6 February 2015

Example game of Central Rook with Left Bear in the hole (nyanko)

I think Central Rook with Left Bear in the hole is good tactics, so the example game is shown here.
This game was played in 2010, when I was a student.
Experientially, when using this tactics, I'm in a little bad position in opening, but the castle is solid then has potential for turn around.
Although I also don't know much the opnenig of this tactics, it's pleasant if you find this imformative.(If you have an advice, please tell me.)
In this game, Knight had the key role.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Set up for posting game record (by nyanko)

I succeeded in posting game record.
I'm not familiar with HTML, so had trouble to set up.(examined how to post flash in Internet)
Now I'm pleased at success.

You can see the game by clicking the arrow buttun.
In this game, I was gote and used gokigen-nakbisha. I felt not good in opening (especially, 35th position), but after that succeeded in shut out the opponent's attack, so he resigned.

(I used 「フラ盤」 made by Fireworks. In addition, I referred NOIKE.)
It takes a few seconds for displayng.