Sunday, 25 June 2017

A Measure against Yonenaga-King castle

Yonenaga-King castle (figure. 1) is strong and popular against swinging rook, though less hard than Anaguma.
I will introduce the measure of swinging rook against Yonenaga-King castle by showing my game of amateur Ryuou championship.

figure. 1

Yonenaga-King castle is strong against side attack, but not so strong against edge or head attack.
So I think it is effective to castle king in Silver crown and aim edge attacking as figure. 2.

figure. 2
Furthermore, I like to form like as figure. 3.
Sente aims to attack by P-4e, S-3c, P-5e, Px5e, Bx5e.
Then, gote attacked first by P-8f, Px8f, P-7e, Px7e, Bx7e in the position of figure. 2 (figure. 3).
figure. 3

In the position of figure. 3, it is technique of counterattack to move  P-4e, S-3c, R-7h, P*7f, B-6h, Bx8f, R-8h, P*8e, B-4f (figure. 4).
figure. 4
The game proceeded as R-8d, Bx9a+, P-7g+, Rx8f, Px8f (figure. 5).
What do you move in figure. 5?
figure. 5

In figure. 5, P-2e is good attack (figure. 6).
This aims to attack edge, and it is important to attack before the Rook in 8d moves elsewhere because the position of 8d is easily targeted.
figure. 6
The game proceeded as Px2e, Nx2e, S33-2d, P-1d, Px1d, P-1c (figure. 7).

Gote can't escape K-2b because sente can put B*6f, King-rook folk.
figure. 7
After figure. 7, Nx13, Nx13+, Sx13, N*2e, S13-24, L*13, Sx13, Nx13+, B*5g, N*3e (figure. 8).
N*3e is a technique of middle block.
In figure. 8, it is good decision to take Knight by Px3e, not take rook by Bx8d because Px3e attacks the opponent's King directly and Rook in 8d is not valuable in this position.
figure. 8
The game proceeded as Px3e, P*2f, Px3d, K-2b, S*3c, K-2a, P*2b, G3bx2b, Sx2b, Gx2b, N*3c, K-1b, Sx2f, P*2g, Gx2g, P*2e, Sx2e, P*2d, +B-4f (figure. 9).
+B-4f is good timing movement.
figure. 9

The game proceeded as S*1c, Lx1d, N*1e, Lx1c+, Gx1c, G-1g, K-2b, B-8d, L*2g, K-3g (figure. 10) and I won.
figure. 10
As mentioned above, Yonenaga-King castle is strong against side attack, but week against edge or head attack.
So it's effective to castle in Silver crown and attack edge and head against Yonenaga-King castle.