Monday, 31 July 2017

First game of Kitaurawa shogi salon tournament

I won the shogi tournament at Kitaurawa shogi salon in Saitama prefecture, Japan the other day.
I will introduce the games and show the first game here.

The opponent is 5 Dan there, and aims rapid attack by Bougin.
I think Anaguma is strong against rapid attack. And it is effective to leave left Silver at 7h and aim for exchanging Bishop as shown in figure. 1 and figure. 2.

figure. 1
figure. 2

Figure. 3 is the position in the middle.

figure. 3

At this position, B*9f is good move for both attack and defence. After that, the game proceeded with Sx6d, Rx7f, P*7e, R-6f, G-5c, P-4f (figure. 4). I suceeded in capturing the Silver.

figure. 4

After that, I attacked and won the game (the following is the final position).

 final position

The entire kifu is following.