Saturday, 9 July 2016

One surprising attack of Side Pawn Picker (Yokofutori)

Side Pawn Picker (Yokofutori), shown in figure. 1, is said to be difficult tactics for amateur players to master because this is so rapid game and there is a risk you are defeated at once resistlessly if you take an even small mistake.
However, to put it the other way around, it is possible for you to attack so rapid and defeat the opponent.
Here one surprising attack is introduced which you can use when the opponent plays Side Pawn Picker.

figure. 1

I will introduce the strategy of gote, so kifu and board is shown in the view side of gote with inverting the board.
The opening of Yokofutori is, P-3d, P-7f, P-8d, P-2f, P-8e, P-2e, G-3b, G-7h, P-8f, Px8f, Rx8f, P-2d, Px2d, Rx2d, Rx7f (figure. 1). The name "Side Pawn Picker" derives from this final movement taking the side Pawn of Rook.
In the ordinary Joseki, the next movement in figure. 1 is B-3c in order to prevent B-8h+.
However, I will introduce one surprising attack which is categorized in Side Pawn Picker Bishop*45 strategy. At the begging of this, in the figure. 1, Bx2b+, Sx2b, P*8b, Sx8b, B*6e (figure. 2). The name "Bishop*45 strategy" derives from this final movement which is B*4e in actual direction board.


After figure. 2, R-8f, Bx4c+ (figure. 3). Bx4c+ is a strong attack.
If the opponent take Gx4c, you can attack by Rx2b (figure. 4).
In other hands, if the opponent will move P*2c in figure. 3, you have an advantage by +Bx3b, Px2d, P*8h.

figure. 3


After figure. 4, the Joseki is Rx8i+, +Rx2a, P*4a, N*5e, G-4b, S*4c (figure. 5). You can attack in this way.

figure. 5

However, in fact, it is said that the opponent have an advantage in the position of figure. 5 by good move G4b-5b.
But the move G4b-5b is very difficult to play if he doesn't know and I guess that not so many amateur players know Joseki perfectly, so I think this attack is effective in amateur championship.
If you have a chance, let's try this.

My real game against 2 Dan player is shown below as an example. The opponent couldn't succeeded to defend perfectly, so I won this game by only 36 moves!

Friday, 8 July 2016

Takeda castle ruin (Japanese Machu Picchu)

Takeda castle shown in the below pictures is one of the famous tourist spot in Hyogo prefecture.
This is Japanese castle ruin built on the mountain in 15th century, and called "Japanese Machu Picchu" by the appearance (I guess real Machu Picchu is much more large than Takeda castle, of course).

If the weather condition is satisfied, you can see fantastic scene which castle floats above the clouds.

cited from

cited from

If you like ruin, I think you would probably like that.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Words of wisdom by professional shogi players

There are many words of wisdom by professional shogi players. Some of them are famous among shogi fans in Japan, but they may not be translated into English. So some words of professional players, especially my favorite ones, are introduced here.

"Recently, some Static rook players have also played Swinging rook, and they play well hastily. But I'm an eel restaurant which specialized for an eel, so I can't be defeated by an eel menu served by family restaurant."(by Takeshi Fujii)
- This words shows his spirit as specialist of 4th-file-Rook by allegories.

"I have no fear as long as I read through."(Yoshiharu Habu)
- His super play is sustained by enormous and accurate read.

"It's not such easy that I can win with making pride a priority. All that counts is the result, not the process."(Akira Watanabe)
- This words shows his rational play style.

"The important thing is to create. We make progress when we get out of mimic and create a new thing."(Kouzou Masuda)

"Ordinary movement is better than clever movement."(Yasuharu Oyama)
- This word shows that eccentric movement is seemed to be fancy but it has poor substance. The unspectacular movement is really good one. I think this thought is very for savvy people.

"The important thing is how you think." (Takeshi Fujii)
- He must have succeeded in making many original tactics by this thought.

Small amounts of words by professional shogi players are shown here. I will write additionally someday.