Monday, 29 February 2016

Islands sightseeing in Okinawa

Islands in Okinawa such as Ishigaki Island, Taketomi Island, Iriomote Island are in Okinawa prefecture and very popular sightseeing area in Japan.
I visit there the other day.
Okinawa is very unique in southern atmosphere in Japan. (In particular, I was surprised by there are only two signals in Iriomote Island.) 

You can experience crossing the sea by buffalo from Iriomote Island to Yubu Island.

In Taketomi Island, you can see traditional houses in Okinawa.

Kachashi is traditional dance in Okinawa.
You can play in some pub.

There are lion status in front of almost all buildings in Okinawa. 
This is Schiesser, protective god in Okinawa. 
"Chinsuko - ちんすこう" is famous souvenir in Okinawa.
I like the taste so much and bought many Chinsuko

I saw the light the reason why Okinawa is popular in sightseeing in Japan.
It's extraordinary funny.
I can recommend you to visit Okinawa once.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Own camp Rook

What do you move in figure. 1?

figure. 1

It is often said that you should put Rook on Enemy camp to attack.
However, putting Rook on your own camp (f, g, h, i line, in general) is effective occasionally.
Then, I moved R*5f (figure. 2).

figure. 2

In this case, R*5f aims to win by not attack but shutout the opponent's attack.
In some cases, shutout brings winning faster than attack as a result.
The game proceeded after figure.2, B-9c, S*5c, N*4a, Sx4b+, Gx4b, P-9f, P*4g, S-5g, G-4c, R-6h (figure. 3).
In figure. 3, the opponent resigned. It's because I was very dominant and the opponent had no chance of wining viewed from Dan holder in figure. 3.

figure. 3

Own camp Rook is high level technique.
So, if you knew this, it must be helpful for your improvement.