Sunday, 31 January 2016

Won the tournament in Omiya Shogi center

I won the tournament in Omiya Shogi center the other day.
I was bad position in many games, so I felt tenacity is necessary in order to achieve results even in such that position.

In 2nd round, I was almost oppressed left side like as figure. 1.

figure. 1

Then I started to attack by Sx4d to peel the opponent's defensive pieces and put a little point in the opponent's position (figure. 2).
After figure. 2, I succeeded to defeat by attacking from King's head.

figure. 2

In semifinal game, I played against 3 Dan player with Bishop handicap.
Bishop handicap against 3 Dan player is so hard.
I was labored in opening, but caught up in endgame.
Most impressive position is shown in figure. 3.

figure. 3

Even if I defend by Bx6f, the opponent would attack by G*7g and the opponent's King become safe. Thus the defense is not effective.
So I played Rx5e without Gold escaping (figure. 4). This move aims to take P-5e for King escaping right side and prevent the opponent's king from escaping upward, then this is offensive and defensive.
After Rx5e, Sx2f, Gx7c. Gx7c is threatmate and yet aiming Rook. I felt I reversed there.

figure. 4 

After that, I checkmate in figure. 5 and won.
Can you mate smoothly in figure. 5?

figure. 5

In final game, I adopted Central Rook with Left Bear in the hole (figure. 6).
It is often said that Bear in the hole is effective in the game which you want to win especially.

figure. 6

I mistook in attack and the opponent aimed King entering.
I resisted it and succeeded in mating the opponent's King in figure. 7.
Can you mate in figure. 7?