Saturday 25 April 2015

Nara city (by nyanko)

Nyanko likes also touristry, so I will write about the place I visit before in this blog serially.
Nyanko is from Nara in Japan, here I introduce Nara city briefly.
Nara is known as one of the tourist spots in Japan.

(The woman left below in this picture is nyantaro.)

Nara was the capital city of Japan about 1,300 years ago.
So, there are many cultural heritages, such as temple, ancient tomb, unearthed article.
The Big Budda in Toudaiji is amaging size (the just hand is bigger than us).

There are many deer all over the place in Nara Park.
Deer is so cute, and you can experience feeding.

Nara is often compared with Kyoto, which is also former capital city in Japan.
I had lived in both Nara and Kyoto, and in my imagination, Nara is more austere than Kyoto and provide more Japanese characteristic atmosphere.
I can recomend you that visit Nara, not only Kyoto, when you will come to Japan. Nara is easy to acces by train, and not far from Kyoto, concretely speaking, about one hour by train.

Sunday 12 April 2015

Company team shogi championship (by nyanko)

Company team shogi championship was held in Tokyo today, and I participated.
The participating teams are comprised of five amateur shogi players in same company.
This championship is the most attended in Japan, as much as 2,000 people or so.

There are 7 class, S, A, B, C, D, E, F.
Many proffesional players also visit the venue. They watched games, talk with participants and played teaching game.

Our team joined in C class and shoot for a championship, but regrettably lost.
My personal result was 2 win and 1 lost.

The following figure is my losing game.
Strictly speaking, my peace building was bad (P-1e, and exchange the Pawn in 6 file), and I felt a little bad already. My position has weakness, the opponent's B*4e aiming both 8h and 2g. After this I caught up, but lost at the end.

The next figure is my winning game.
The opponent aims my promoted bishop.
What do you move in the position?

It's important for progress that thinking of not escape move in like this position.