Sunday, 12 June 2016

Today's game

I joined shogi convention today.

What do you move in the position of figure. 1?

figure. 1

Figure. 1 is a branch position which I judged I was in a bad position and avoided.
However, Px5d without Gold escaping is a good move. If the opponent move Lx5h+, I will take Rx5i (figure. 2).
In figure. 2, I think I'm in a little better situation and I should have choose this position.
In real game, I didn't notice the move which Gold didn't escape. Therefore. I avoided the position of figure. 1 and I became in bad position then lost.

figure. 2

In figure. 3, the opponent aims to rush in 8 line. Lx8g+ is severe attack.
What do you move in figure. 3 ?
figure. 3

 I moved N*7e (figure. 4).
This move defends by attacking the root piece and is effective in this position.
If the opponent move G-7b, I can attack by S*6a or Bx5b+.

figure. 4

After figure. 4, the game proceeded as Lx8g+, Nx8c+, Kx8c, P*8d, Kx8d, S*7e, K-8c, L*8d, K-9d, Sx8g, +Rx8g, L*8h (figure. 5).
I succeeded in counterattacking.

figure. 5

After figure. 5, P*8f, S*9f, +Rx7f (figure. 6).
Can you find the decisive move in figure. 6?

figure. 6

If Silver at 7e is taken, the opponent can survive.
So I moved B-5h (figure. 7).

figure. 7

After figure. 7, the game proceeded as N*6h, Bx6h, +Rx6h, +Px4b (figure. 8).
In figure. 8, the opponent can't prevent both S*8c and S*8e, it's typical Brinkmate.

figure. 8

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Tendo City

Tendo City is called a Shogi's town.
There are some things related to Shogi, such as Shogi museum or event.
Surprisingly, mate problems are displayed on the road, utility pole and so on.


In fact, more than 90 percent of Shogi pieces are made in Tendo city.

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Furthermore, you can play shogi for free at Tendo shogi interaction class near Tendo station

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There are many spring inn and many sightseeing spots in Tendo.
If you have time in Japan, I can recommend you to visit there.

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Sunday, 5 June 2016

Double check

What do you move in figure. 1?

 figure. 1

In fact, you can mate the opponent's King in one move, +R-2d (figure. 2).
This is so-called "Double check." In figure. 2, the opponent's King can't escape anywhere. If the opponent put pieces between King and one of Rook and Horse and stop the influence of it, I can take the King by the other.
Occasionally, Double check is so powerful technique.


The below kifu of Central Rook is famous for very short game by double check.

The gote should have defend in 10th move (figure. 3) by such as K-4b instead of P-8e.
However, some players don't notice the mate by Rx3c+ in the position of  figure. 3, so you can try it if you have a chance.

figure. 3