Sunday, 13 November 2016

How to attack in Double Swinging Rook (3)

"Sugai-special", which is a famous way of attacking in Double Swinging Rook, is introduced here. This is invented by Tatsuya Sugai 7-Dan.
Figure. 1 is a position of Double Swinging Rook that gote is castling King in Yagura castle.
Seemingly, this is ordinary opening position that sente is not going to attack but build pieces formation.
However, Sugai-special start to attack on this position immediately.

figure. 1

P-6e, Px66e, P-4e (figure. 2) at figure. 1 is attacking way of Sugai-special.

figure. 2

After figure. 2, Px4e, Bx3c, Nx3c, B*8h (figure. 3).
This aims Bx3c+, but it's not easy to defend as it seems.

figure. 3

If gote moves R-2c, sente will move S-5e (figure. 4).

figure. 4

After figure. 4, Sx5e, Bx5e (figure. 5). At figure. 5, the next movement of sente's S*3b is severe and it's not easy for gote to defend.

figure. 5

Therefore, gote will put Bishop to defent, for example B*5a, at figure. 3. But gote's Bishop doesn't work well. After that, sente will attack by like as S-5e, Sx5e, Bx5e, S*6d, Bx7c+, Nx7c, S*8b, P*7b, P*4d (figure. 6).
At figure. 6, sente is good position because sente can attack effectively and sente's Mino castle is solid whereas gote's castle is weak.

figure. 6

In fact, figure. 6 appeared at professional player's game and sente won the game.
I think you can apply this way of attacking for your game, too.