Saturday, 14 May 2016

Play chess at Tokyo Bilingual Chess Club

I played chess at Tokyo Bilingual Chess Club the other day.
I enjoyed playing many games in the friendly atmosphere.

I'm a beginner in chess and know nothing about chess tactics or techniques.
However, I could fight well for a beginner owing to my shogi experience. Concretely, I paid attention to use all pieces well and not make ineffective positioned pieces, and could read through easy checkmate.

The impressive position is figure. 1.

figure. 1

I played Nxe6, Qxc4, Qxc4, Nxc4, Nxf8, Kxf8, P-e6 (figure. 2). Though this move may not good, but I felt good because I achieved sacrificing pieces which is difficult for beginner.
figure. 2

Figure. 3 is also impressive position.

figure. 3

I moved B-d6 (figure. 4). This aims both Bxa3 and R-e7+ and I think this is severe.
But after that, I running out of time and lost.

figure. 4

If the opportunity arises, I want to join chess championship abroad after studying more.