Friday, 4 August 2017

Semi-final game of Kitaurawa shogi salon tournament

I dopted Raniging Rook with Anaguma at Semi-final game because Anaguma is in good condition this day.
In slow game, forming G-63, P-64, P-74 like figure. 1 is popular. This aims head attack.

figure. 1

I put Rook in 72 and attacked 7th file as shown in figure. 2.
Actually, this aims also Rx25 after Rx75.

figure. 2

After figure. 3, the game proceed as Px75, Rx75, P-65, P*76, Rx46, Px77+, Gx77 (figure. 3).

figure. 3

In figure. 3, Rx77+, Gx77, P*76 (figure. 4) is strict because the opponent's Gold can't escape due to Bishop diagnoal..
Attacking blocking piece by Pawn is good and strong movement.

figure. 4

My Anaguma castle is still solid, so I could concentrat on attacking.
After figure. 4, S-78, Px77+, Sx77, G*67, P*78, Bx77+, Px77, N*85 (figure. 5), the opponent resigned at this position. It is difficult for the opponent to defend.

figure. 5
The full kifu is the following.


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