Saturday, 17 October 2015

K system (original tactics)

K system, which is shown in figure. 1, is one tactics in Double Swinging Rook.
This tactics aims to oppress the opponent's pieces, especially Rook, by Silvers and Golds without castling King, like as shown in figure. 2.
This is effective against especially 3rd file Rook.
If you like Defence, I can recommend this tactics.

figure. 1

figure. 2

The opening is P-7f, P-3d, P-6f, P-3e, S-6h, R-3b, P-5f, P-3f, Px3f, Rx3f, S-5g (figure. 3).
P-5f prevent opponent's B-5e and S-5g is a preparation for Silver's moving towards right side.

figure. 3

Then, K-6b, B-7g, S-7b, R-8h, K-7a, S-2h, R-3d, G69-58, R-7d, G-6h (figure. 4).
When the opponent aims Pawn on 7f, you should defence with G-6g. This is because the opponent can exchange his Rook for my Bishop if it were not for Pawn on 7f. The shape G-6g is seemed to be heavy, but stable.