Thursday, 27 October 2016

How to attack in Double Swinging Rook (2)

In Double Swinging Rook, 5th-file Vanguard Pawn strategy (figure. 1) is effective and become fashionable for a period.
I can recommend this formation because it's is easy for you to attack and difficult for the opponent to find where to attack.

figure. 1

This tactics is often used by gote player (of course, you can use when you are sente). So I will explain by the symbol in an opposite position.
The typical opening is, P-3d P-7f, P-4d, P-5f, S-3b, S-6h, S-4c, S-5g, B-3c, R-7h, R-2b (figure. 2).
You don't need to hurry on moving P-7e at this strategy.

figure. 2

After that, you form High Mino castle like as figure. 3.

figure. 3

Furthermore, you take the vanguard position at 5th-file (figure. 4).
At this time, the opponent is a little difficult to find where to attack already.

 figure. 4

Then if the opponent proceed castling, you aim on 5th-file by moving Rook to 5th-file like as figure. 5 and 6.


 figure. 6

At figure. 6, you attack 5c by Pawn, Silver, Bishop and yet Knight, so it's difficult for the opponent to defend 5c. You can break 5th-file like as figure. 7. You are good position because your Mino castle is solid and you can attack one-sidedly.

figure. 7

Besides, if the opponent form Mino castle, you can attack similarly like as figure. 8.

figure. 8

And if the opponent prevent your silver from moving to 6e by moving P-6d (figure. 9), you can aim on 6th-file by moving P-6f, G-6c, R-6h (figure. 10).

figure. 9


After that, you can attack 6th-file like as figure. 11.

figure. 11

I think you will notice the excellence of this formation when you will use this. So, l recommend that you will give it a try.

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