Saturday, 7 March 2015

Sakata-Opposing Rook (by nyanko)

There are many shogi strategy and they can classified in major tactics and minor tactics. Here I call surprising attack as minor tactics.
In recent years, surprising attack is hardly played by professional shogi player because it is easy to cope with them for strong player. But, for amaturer player such tactics is effective.
I introduce Sakata-Opposing Rook here.
This tactics is said to be one of most famous surprising attacks and this is invented by Sakata Sankichi, who are very strong professional shogi player in the early 1990's.

The opening of Sakata-Opposing Rook is usually played when you are gote. The opening is P-7f, P-3d, P-2f, G-3b, P-2e, B-3c (figure. 1). In this post, figure is turned upside-down for you see from the side of Sakata-Opposing Rook.
R-3c is characteristic move in this tactics.

figure. 1

After that, Bx3c+, Gx3c (figure. 2). Gx3c is also characteristic move.
In figure 1 position, many opponent will move Bx3c+ because G-3c is usulally said to be bad position. If the opponent wouldn't move Bx3c+, you can play Sakata-Opposing Rook by moving Bx8b+ and afterthat G-3c, or Bishop Exchange by moving G2b.


If the opponent move K-6h in figure 2, ordinary move is R-2b, but I can recommend B*6e as a small ingenuity (figure. 3). The aim of B*6e is to get one Pawn and attack 2g in the future.

figure. 3

After figure. 3, G-3h, Rx7f, K-7h, R-2b (figure. 4). G-3c and R-2b is the formation of Sakata-Opposing Rook. This tactics attack file 2 with Gold and Rook, and furthermore Bishop in some cases.

figure. 4

As one example of move sequence after figure. 4, P-4f, R-5d, G-4g, P-2d, Px2d, P*2g, R-1h, Rx2d (figure. 5). P*2g attack is made possible by B*6e and get one Pawn and then succeded in break file 2.


Additionaly, after figure. 5, G-3h, P-2h+, Rx2h (if Gx2h, Bx1h+), Rx2h+, Gx2h, R*4h (figure. 6). In figure. 6, king-gold-silver fork, so Sakata-Opposing Rook attack is powerfully sucsessful and definetely winning.


In fact, this example move sequence is ideal for this tactics with the view of illumination.
However, I can defeat amatuer Dan holder with Sakata-Opposing Rook, so I think this tactics is effecient. If you have interest, let's try it.

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